Tuesday, August 3, 2010

links and mail

i was at home sick on monday.. boo! as i made my way through the latest season of greys anatomy i also grabbed some scissors and glue and made many many envelopes for all the mail i plan to send over the next little while. they just look so pretty all sitting there in a pile :)

one of my favourite parts of the day is checking the mail - haha! i am always so hopeful when i open the lid... since i have started actually looking after my blog my mailbox had been much happier and fuller thanks to the various pen pals i have acquired, giveaways i have won and swaps i have participated in.

Here is some recent mail - a postcard from my dad who is road tripping across america!

a postcard from a swap i participated in a while ago over here
and an outgoing parcel for Megan as part of a stationery swap. i'll show you the contents once the loot has reached its destination :)
i am also popping something in the post for miss angie as a bit of a thank you for this giveaway i won over at her blog a little while ago... i'll share more once it arrives to the lovely ange!

oh mail - you make me happy!

if you are keen for more mail (and lets be honest - who isnt) there is a fabulous penpal project up and running over at oh my darling! go and register immediately!!!

...also - i just registered for this fab swap over at gracie's fabulous blog! who doesnt want to receive a parcel full of their favourite things?!?!

if you are interested in swapping mail (i can promise some fantastic envelopes - haha) shoot me an email on kellie_fm(at)hotmail(dot)com!

have a fabulous day - KEL x


  1. Yay! For mail. It feels like everyone on the blogs are completely into mail lately. I love those envelopes that you made! I adore handmade envies.

    The penpal project sounds fabulous! That was another idea I had for swapping but thanks for blogging about my swap. And thanks for joining too!

    Maybe we should swap some mail sometime :)

  2. Your stack of envelopes look SO pretty! As are your postcards. I've never received a postcard in my whole life...it seems like a nice thing to get in the mail.

  3. Oh yay so excited to see a little parcel for me!
    I just need to put a few more things together and I will be sending yours off.

  4. Those envelopes look great - do you make them just out of old magazines?

  5. What a scrummy stack of envelopes!
    Posted a little parcel to you today ;) x

  6. Wow! These are so beautiful! I can't believe you made that many envelopes! You are pretty amazing. I just made four cards (not written in yet) and it took me a whole afternoon. I think I need more fodder tho. Also, I love this full mailbox goodness after blogging. I feel the same, it's really beautiful!

    Happiness to you!