Monday, August 23, 2010

just a (very late) minute in... august

watching... big bang theory. love it! im waiting on season three to arrive in my mailbox :)

eating... homemade food. after so long without being able to cook in my own kitchen im really enjoying simple, clean homemade meals.

reading... the vampire academy series. its not life-changing but it is entertaining.

listening... to what people say. im really trying to listen more instead of just steamrolling people with my own advice and stories. being a good listener is hard and it takes practice - im slowly getting better!

excited about... school holidays coming up in less than a month. AND mockingjay coming out tomorrow!!!! woohoo!!

sorry about my lack of posts and comments on your lovely blogs over the past week. im really struggling to keep up to date with this wonderful blogging land without internet at home. boo!


  1. oooh! i love this post! it's so cute! simple, yet cute. you might have inspired my next post!

  2. Yay for Mockingjay!!! I can't wait.

    And as for Vampire Academy I enjoyed it. I like Rose and I adore Adrian :)

  3. Homemade food is honestly the best kind of food and I totally get what you mean about being a good listener.

    Hear from you soon!

  4. I've started thinking about making homemade soups this week. I must really be getting ready for autumn.

  5. Gorgeous! There is a little parcel winging its way out to you as we speak :)

  6. No internet at home? Oh noes.
    Liking your list and your gorgeous pic :)

  7. i love big bang theory!!! so so so funny. xoox

  8. Oh, that is a wonderful picture! Is that your house? And I love TBBT! Sheldon and Leonard are so cute! =)

    Hope you're having a nice day!


  9. What is this mocking jay so many bloggers are on about it, I feel I should know! I know its a book but thats about all. Hmmm! Daisy Dayz Home
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