Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my real life friends with blogs...

just a quick post to introduce you to two of my real life best friends who have blogs!

***this is Mali...

she is fabulous :) you can find her blog over here! she is my crafting and op shopping partner. she blogs about the joy in her life and working through her 101 things in 1001 days list!

***this is kelseys blog...

Kelsey is super rad and her blog is too. she is one of the most fabulously creative people i know and blogs about her adventures...

please pop over and say hi... both of these lovely ladies bring so much joy and colour to my life and i would love for you to e-meet them too :)

kel x


  1. cute! thanks for sharing! i'm going to check them out now!!!

  2. thanks kel! what a lovely surprise :) your blog is doing so fantastically!
    love you :)

    kelse x

  3. Great intro - I will pop over and visit them :)

  4. Aww sweet! I will have to check them out soon :)

    P.S. Oh my gosh! Mockingjay. Exceeds my expectations!

  5. This is the sweetest post! xxx

  6. i love having real life friends with blogs! not that many do though! shouldn't everyone blog??/ :)