Thursday, July 14, 2011

four happy things on friday

a finally finished craft project (you know the ones that you start and then they sit around your craft room for months!!), some lovely mail from an even lovelier lady, finding a favourite lost polaroid, vintage goodies from wonderful people

leave a comment if you are playing along on your blog so i can pop over and see what has made you happy this week!

p.s - stay tuned for an exciting announcement on Monday of the vintage sheet variety :)


  1. awww i would smile to. Infact i did when i saw your little animal creation so sweet ;-)) dee x

  2. popped a little mention about this on lucy violet today...hope this is ok Kel...
    have a very nice weekend x

  3. I have too many UFOS and WIPs going on.Very soon I want to go back and finish my UFOs as they are bugging me and the WIPs I just gotta stop seeing new things I want to make lol

  4. Loving the first pic. And yeah, I know those craft project. One is waiting for me at home...

    Happy weekend!


  5. oooo....can't wait to hear the sheet news! I tried to comment on your previous post that I am TOTALLY up for another swap...but blooger really hated me that day...anywho let me know if you need any help!

  6. i love that photo on such pretty cloth ;) i wrote happy things to end the week with here, including a song i haven't stopped listening to... press play! :

    happy friday!!!

  7. my mum used to have or still ahs that tea towel! LOL! The Lemon Cake was divine, ta!