Sunday, July 31, 2011

a collection of vintage clothes

i think i may have mentioned it before... but i have an ever growing collection of vintage baby and child clothes. i started buying them years ago as gifts and then realised how freaking gorgeous some of those little dresses and shirts were... so i started putting some of them aside. now i have almost two plastic crates full (and no immediate plans for children) so i thought that it was time to share the love and open my collection to some of you who do have children or nieces and nephews or friends with children. i am finding that it is becoming really difficult to find vintage childrens clothes... so look no further!

i will be starting to sell a few little goodies through my 'green tea and red nails' facebook page which you can find over HERE. like this page to receive blog updates, lovely images and access to some handmade and vintage goodies!

on this facebook page you should find an album full of vintage kiddies clothes (mainly for little girls - but a few things for boys and more will be added) in a variety of sizes. simply comment on the image with any questions or if you would like to purchase that item. alternatively, you can send me a private message. now for the good part...

as an OPENING SPECIAL - all items will be $8 only until the end of the week! Postage will be charged at $4 for as many items as you wish to order!

all items will be washed, ironed, gift wrapped and delivered to your door via Australia Post!

payment can be made via paypal or bank deposit!

Thanks for your love and support - you guys are the best!

Kel xx

p.s - will be back tomorrow with some vintage sheet crafty inspiration...


  1. oh so cute, they just dont make clothes like those these days..........mass produced bla bla bla, lucky us op shoppers "find" and look after some of these "treasures" I say!!! Simply gorgeous!

  2. squeee! everything is so gorgeous!!

  3. awwww Kel these little dresses are so cute and what a bargain too...if I had little girls to dress I'd be able to deck them out beautifully in these. I hope you're going to save a few for when you do have kiddy-winks x

  4. you honestly have the cutest taste ever! the clothes are adorable!

  5. okay how do I buy stuff? MUST DO IT NOW!!! Im so excited!

  6. CUTE! Am loving your collection. Popping off to check out your FB now :)