Sunday, July 31, 2011

scenes from my weekend...

breakfast in the sun, new jeans, magazine reading, a 21st birthday and some whale watching...

now, before you go and start thinking what a lovely weekend i must have had (which i did) i'll balance it out by telling you that whale watching ended... and began... with me seasick and vomiting into a bag! I have been wanting to go whale watching for years (it's on my 101 list) and i couldn't even enjoy it as i was curled up in the corner. I did manage to see a couple of whales before scurrying back inside to my vomit bag... eek!

hope you had a lovely weekend too... minus the vomiting!

p.s - dont forget to join up for the vintage sheet FQ swap - there are still a few more places left!


  1. Oh no, being sick is the worst - I'd love to see Wales too, but am really not good with the vomiting side of life. At least you managed to see a couple though. My weekend involved smaller denizens of the deep - we bought two fish as pets for the boys, I am probably the most excited though!

  2. Eeek, I get seasick too! I'm starting to panic about my upcoming Asia trip as I'm sure that there will be boats involved! Breaky looks delish x

  3. I never used to get seasick ... its something that has happened to me as I have gotten older - weird.
    Still .. whales, new jeans, yummy food and a party all sounds pretty wonderful to me!