Sunday, July 24, 2011

a morning on the farm...

i use the term 'farm' very loosely as we currently have one acre, one dog, three fruit trees and four small beds of vegies... BUT we have big plans to expand the vegie garden in the next few weeks and as soon as hubby has finished the chicken coop we hope to adopt three chickens! I have wanted chickens for years and have been pestering hubby about building me a chicken coop for almost as long. Apparently nagging works because he woke up last weekend with coop building plans... hooray!!

As far as fruit trees go, we have two lime trees and a lemon tree which are growing VERY slowly... the soil we have on our 'farm' is terrible! I am planning to add some orange, mandarin and avocado trees to this in the next little while. Does anyone know the best time of the year to plant fruit trees?

I have a small blueberry plant that is looking very sad and sorry... am not sure that the Brisbane climate really suits it. Anyone in Brissie had success with blueberries or raspberries?

This time next year, I am hoping to be getting most of our fruit and vegies from OUR garden rather than the local farmers markets. While I love our weekly trips to the markets I would happily substitute them with daily walks out to the vegie patch to pick dinner :)

Have a happy week - Kel x


  1. Good on you!Sorry I am not much help...We planted a mango tree a little while ago and it does not look very happy aether!We are south og Brisbane and the soil is very very much like clay...I was told to dig and add some good soil over the top and plant this way...for better drainage.I am planning a lemon tree but perhaps will stick to a BIG pot :) x

  2. I want I want some land so bad.I envy you even if its just an acre xxx

  3. I think that qualifies as a farm Kel ;)
    Yay for chookies of your own, can't beat 'real' eggs (and veg/fruit for that matter!) :)

  4. I think once they get going lime trees fruit all year round so thats good :) One day I hope to have a raspberry bush.. I know they like cold climates though. And an avacado tree would the best! Good luck, it all looks lovely xo

  5. Hi, I;ve just found your blog (v excited about the sheet swap!) Where do you live? Winter is a good time to plant bare-rooted deciduous trees in Melbourne. THey tend to be cheaper too. We just put in a double grafted plum and we also have a pear and a dwarf apple. I think citrus can go in any time, but we put some in this winter too. Berries too are better planted when dormant. Good luck!

  6. It may be small, but your farm sounds lovely.
    Best wishes with the growing.

  7. There is nothing better than vegies from your own garden. We started ours last year and I can't wait to start planting it again! x