Tuesday, May 29, 2012

from my kitchen.

eating has taken on a new meaning at our house.

it has been a lot of whole. clean. made from scratch type eating.
and as a result i am enjoying it more.
the planning.
the shopping.
the preparing.
the cooking.
and the eating.
all of which is usually done together. which might be the nicest part of all.

when we eat cake they have walnuts and oranges in them. and they are so yummy.
breakfasts are smoothies made from freshly picked fruit and vegies.
we add nuts and seeds to salads.
we bought a pasta maker.
we know what is in the food we eat. and we love it so much more.

walnut and orange cake recipe from over here


  1. This is so inspiring, and makes me very hungry indeed! xx

  2. We are coming to eat at yours next time we are in Qld! Yay for knowing what's in your food and where it came from :) xx

  3. Your pasta looks sooo good:) It does feel good to know exactly what you are eating, the feeling of creating it and growing it yourself makes you feel proud doesn't it. xx

  4. I can relate, as I have been making similar changes here and feeling the benefits. I'm really enjoying it too, from planting more in the garden, to exploring our shopping options and creating a stock pile. Your pasta looks great. I have only made it by hand so far.

    I just wish we weren't all lactose intolerant to varying degrees in this house! Would love to make cheese, butter and yoghurt. :)

  5. Loving this food inspiration Kellie!
    We just picked up our f+v and I'm ready for a week of good, fresh, wholesome stuff.
    Thought I'd get to pasta by borrowing a friends but it never happens...will have to buy our own!

    x Mel

  6. It all looks so yum, made my mouth water!

  7. i think your photos say it all. some good wholesome eating there and always better coming from your own kitchen. your cake is a favourite of mine. xo

  8. I feel like making past now, we were given one as a wedding gift and still have not used it yet!

  9. There is a lot to be said for eating this way..I love knowing that what I put in front of my family is as clean and wholesome as it gets.
    I am drooling over your pics Kel, it all looks SO good!

  10. Everything looks wonderful! Will have to dust off the pasta maker here I think. I always think it's going to be a big crazy job but it never is...and the taste can't be beaten. Hope your knee is on the mend too. Wishing you a lovely rest of your week :) x

  11. Yum! I think we're starting a trend with that orange and walnut cake. It's popping up all over the place. HOW GOOD IS IT!!!! xx

  12. baking that cake right now, ours has hazelnut and almond meal in it. Good luck with the walking and healing, I love to walk.

  13. Love the made from scratch eating mantra. This is so very inspiring, i will try to make things from scratch more often!