Sunday, May 27, 2012

to do.

im a list girl. it makes my chaotic mind feel a bit more ordered. plus it makes me feel good when i can cross something off

my week (hopefully) looks a little bit like this.

. : frame and hang that awesome 'let's get lost' print from this etsy store.
. : go to the physio. and the doctor. (more on this tomorrow)
. : attempt to make vegan cheese for pizza night. and then eat it.
. : get my year 10's ready for their exam.
. : plant some more kale seeds.
. : transplant the herbs.
. : floss. more than once.
. : find my water bottle.
. : play with the dog. properly. don't just growl at her for jumping up on you.
. : list those last few things on ebay.
. : start putting together a 'paris book' of all the places you will visit.
. : send gran that thank-you card.

thanks for indulging me. what is on your 'to do' list?


  1. ebay? please send me the link ;)

    Mine involves a LOT of time on the computer and finishing my last two assignments...I can't seem to get motivated this week. Unfortunately I get distracted so easily...and I start reading, crocheting, baking ANYTHING that doesn't involve assignment finishing ha!

  2. I'm a list girl too! I love ticking things off.

  3. i just wrote a to do list but it's of stuff i want to make, not just for this week. it goes like this:

    To make
    - a maternity dress for best friend (before she has the baby!)
    - a baby blanket
    - PJs
    - a jacket for me
    - a pinafore style dress

  4. I'm defiently a list girl. I have lists all over the house. And always re doing them, especially when it comes to what I want-need in house decor items! Now, that list is long! Hope you cross of a few this week!

  5. thank u for your inspiring vulnerability in being honest about your flossing goals. Well, i'm relieved im not the only one who is a dodgy flosser. My dentist always says, "your teeth are great! See, flossing really pays off!" and i haven't the heart/too ashamed to tell him how sporadic my flossing episodes are.

    My problem is: writing TOO much stuff on my daily list or weekly list and then being disheartened when it's not crossed off. I LOVE crossing stuff off the list. I dislike seeing the same items appearing on the agenda week after week.

    This week: -lesson planning for next week's lessons.
    -helping students with their drafting/editing.
    -buying winter shoes for Evie (church ones).
    -sign up for this:

    hmm i know my list will get more exciting once prac is over:)

  6. I'm a list gal too, but it seems to take forever to cross things off my list :)

  7. I'm a list gal too, but it seems to take forever to cross things off my list :)