Wednesday, May 23, 2012

quinoa and vegie salad

thought i would share a quick and simple recipe* that really hit the spot on monday night. and then again on tuesday for lunch. and then again on tuesday night.

1. cook some quinoa on the stove as per packet directions
2. steam whatever vegies you feel like / have floating around in the bottom of the fridge (i used brocolli, potato, carrot and capsicum)
3. mix together in a big bowl with some roast pumpkin or sweet potato** (or both), baby spinach, mushrooms, hemp seeds, mung beans and chia seeds
4. serve with dressing. mix equal parts lemon juice and olive oil, minced garlic (i used 2 cloves) plus some fresh mint and parsley.

feta might be nice in here too but im trialing a vegan diet for the next 26 days to see if it makes much of a difference for me. will keep you posted.

*i use the term recipe very loosely here
**i have started roasting a big batch of pumpkin and sweet potato at the start of the week and adding them to meals as desired. saves a LOT of time for us and helps up the vegie intake.


  1. Oh yummy! I did the pumpkin thing last week and it is great isnt it! Such a tasty time saver :)

  2. Wow a vegan diet ;-) I have been a vegetarian for the past 32 years but i couldn't give up my yogurt and cheese. Your salad looks and sounds lovely good luck with the new diet, dee x

  3. This looks yummy, I am embracing grains, so good for you and the texture of them in salads are just great.
    I will give this a go, thanks

  4. love ur idea for roasting sweet potato/pumpkin at beginning of week!
    i can relate to:
    'recipes' (yeah for improv!)
    leftover leftovers..!
    let us know how the vegan trial goes!

  5. i never would have thought to add chia seeds to this! but yum, this sounds delicious! the perfect summer salad!