Tuesday, May 15, 2012

happy mail

over the past couple of weeks there have been a few happy pieces of mail that have snuck in amongst the car registration and rates. they always seem to come at the best times - after a hard day or an exhausting week. somehow this kind of mail always makes things better...

1. the most fabulous homemade skirt from Kylie made from a vintage sheet and doily
2. gorgeous handmade cards that i won in a blog giveaway over at reread

i do really love this blog world... for the support. for the inspiration. for the friendship. and sometimes, for the very happy mail.


  1. Love the skirt Kel and how seriously cute are those cards?

  2. The handmade cards look so lovely.

  3. The skirt is gorgeous! Maybe I'll make myself a skirt with a FQ or two from the FQ swap!

  4. always lovely to get pretty mail in between those ugly bills, and those handmade cards are so pretty