Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what i have learned.

this week i was asked to speak with my students about some of the things that i wish i had known as a teenager. gosh. i am often struck by how little i knew and understood as a teenager and, perhaps as a result, how difficult those high school years were

here are just a few of the things i have learned since then...

. : that everyone looks nicer when they smile
. : that you should not cut your own fringe on the day that you graduate from highschool
. : that it doesn’t take much to make someones day
. : that a real man treats all women right all of the time
 . : that family holidays are not lame
. : that what is 'weird' as a teenager is 'quirky' as an adult. and quirky is kind of awesome. 
. : that if you find a spider in your car while you are driving you MUST stay calm. punching yourself in the legs to kill the aforementioned spider will not help.
. : that parents are not perfect but they do their best
. : that staying healthy is not just for old people
. : that your world will not stop if that boy doesn't like you back. even though it feels like it might.
. : that manners are important
. : that outside is full of magic and dancing is better if it is done in the rain
. : that everyone should jump fully clothed into a swimming pool at least once in their life
. : that going out for ice cream with your grandparents will not always be an option. do it while you can.
. : that sometimes it is better to be kind than to be right
. : that being happy is different to being joyful
. : that everyone has a story worth hearing
. : that Jesus is a really good decision

how about you? what do you wish you had known when you were a teenager?


  1. Love this Kel! Particularly the one about punching yourself in the legs to kill the spider... traffic hazard?

  2. What a great list -you are one super wise gal! meld

  3. What a great list ...and so right you are.
    The only thing I would probably add is something along the lines of making sure you talk to your parents. No matter what the subject, being part of each others lives is really important.

  4. Oh these are wonderful! Adding to the list, * People who are your best friends in high school are not always the best friends you will have as an adult. xx

  5. What a lovely list you have. I remember going to work with my Mother and seeing how hard it was for her. It made me appreciate her efforts for me. I'd add to your first point, don't be shy of the camera! I was, and barely have any photographs from Year 8-12. Silly teen.

  6. Wonderful list. I wish i knew these things when i was a teenager. I was so clueless then!

  7. Such a wonderful list, you made my day :)