Wednesday, June 30, 2010

slow and steady

here are some softies that i have been creating lately. i feel like i am getting better at crafting and i am super stoked to have found something that i love so much that also makes me feel so accomplished :)!

i am (very) slowly mastering the art of crochet and plan to tackle knitting next. i just wish i had more time to actually sit down and craft. it has been a bit lost lately amongst the thousand other things that seem to be taking priority...

i think the blue owl is my favourite - i love the fabric that i cut from a vintage pillowcase!

i popped the little bunny in the mail last week and it has arrived safely in the mailbox of this lovely lady!

p.s - im totally a twilight geek and im on the final countdown for my next bella and jacob fix! not long now!!


  1. They are awesome Kellie!! We love the rabbit as you know, and the owls are soooo cool! You can't beat vintage sheets etc for great fabric! :)
    I am finding crochet so much easier than knitting, but my Nan is the opposite! I felt like a total clutz trying to knit so crochet is a dream in comparison. It's nice to find crafty things that make us happy isn't it!
    Will you be going to the opening night at the cinema? :)

  2. these are rad. i love them! good work. they look really nice. good quality. are you making an etsy store...?!?!


  3. I think the blue owl is my favourite too! They are so cute.

  4. AH! Kellie! These are just the most precious! the owls are perfect. man, i am such an owl freak haha. oh oh oh goodness, you make the cutest things. Hope you are well miss. Drop by for a chat more often! I miss your face xx

  5. Kelly, you need to sell these! i love them.

  6. So cute! I love your style. The green and blue owl is my favourite.