Wednesday, June 2, 2010

101 in 1001 days

as i was wandering around blogland one afternoon (when i was supposed to be writing an assignment), i stumbled upon an interesting phenomenon. there seemed to be a lot of list writing going on. this pleased me greatly as i love lists and the satisfaction it brings me to cross things off my daily lists.

now, don't get me wrong, i am a fan of the bucket list (and i am slowly working on one of these too). BUT i love that this list has a definite start and end time. sometimes i think that i need to live with a bit more intention instead of just watching as my life floats on by (without me ever watching star wars.. heaven forbid!!). some are just little thing (like bake bread from scratch) and some are bigger (like graduating or babies) but all are things that i find value in.

without further ado... 101 things i will (attempt) to do in the next 1001 days

1. Buy or make 10 gifts for people, just because.
2. Send 10 hand written letters/cards to people, just because.
3. Visit Tasmania
4. Fill up a handwritten journal
5. Go to the movies by myself
6. Read five classic novels – (0/5) Anna Karenina, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, the Picture of Dorian Gray, Alice in Wonderland
7. Go camping
8. Go to 5 football games (at least one has to be an AFL game)
9. Organize clothes – get rid of/sell/donate anything I don’t wear
10. Join/create a book club
11. Attend five concerts
12. Make a habit of using eco-bags for shopping
13. Go on a roadtrip
14. Choose 10 new recipes and make them
15. Learn to drive a manual car
16. For one month, make a daily list of five things that make me happy
17. Be a proper vegetarian for a year
18. Finish wedding album
19. Plant flowers
20. Go to a Hillsong conference
21. Give only handmade gifts for christmas
22. Buy myself flowers 5 times
23. Start trying for babies
24. Read 100 new books
25. Make bread from scratch
26. Visit nanna and pa’s grave and leave flowers
27. Make granola from scratch
28. Learn how to make machine coffee
29. Clean out my email inbox
30. Go out for high tea
31. Go on a trip with my sister and/or mum
32. Go hiking in canarvon gorge
33. Learn to crochet
34. Run 10k
35. Jump fully clothed into a body of water
36. Send out Christmas cards
37. Ride a ferris wheel at a fair
38. Visit nanna and grandad
39. Take the little cousins out for a day
40. Grow vegetables
41. Do ‘buy nothing month’ for three months
42. Take a photo a day for 6 months and make a coffee table book
43. Visit four new countries
44. Go fruit picking
45. Organise my web bookmarks
46. Make my bed for a month
47. Keep a prayer journal
48. Pray for someone for a month straight
49. Make cupcakes
50. Run in the rain
51. Watch Star Wars
52. Own a Lover dress
53. Build a snowman
54. Build a sand castle
55. Buy a new flat screen tv
56. Watch an outdoor movie (moonlight cinemas?)
57. Have a candle lit, outdoor, dinner party
58. Get a tattoo
59. Leave a card with money in it on someone’s windshield
60. Get a bike/ do up an old bike
61. Plant a fruit tree
62. Go whale watching
63. Read 10 biographies
64. Wear sunscreen
65. Take my vitamins daily for 3 months straight
66. Watch the sunrise
67. Donate blood 3x a year each year
68. Go to a theme park
69. Bake one thing a month for a year. Give it away.
70. Climb a tree
71. Learn to play the guitar
72. Have a spa day
73. Attend a roller derby match
74. Learn how to play chess
75. Make a custom recipe book
76. Make sushi
77. Sleep under the stars
78. Go to a zoo
79. Take photos in a photo booth
80. Go snowboarding
81. Use film
82. Craft one thing per fortnight for a year
83. Go camping on the beach
84. Go sailing
85. Graduate uni
86. Enroll in a short course
87. Buy and use a double hammock
88. Swim under a waterfall
89. Sponsor a child
90. Invest my time in someone, be intentional.
91. Go to the Blues and Roots festival
92. Have long hair
93. Use 5 packets of polaroid film
94. Get a pet
95. Go on a holiday with my Mum
96. Go on one date a month for a year with my husband
97. Have at least one room in the house that I feel is fully decorated/furnished
98. Go to the big pineapple
99. Go to an ANZAC day dawn service
100. Finish getting my scuba diving license
101. Document this list

what's on your list?

p.s - sorry for the double post of this - i deleted the first. blogspot and i are just working out a few issues :)


  1. hey there - i'm a fellow classmate from rva camp. (can't wait for class!)

    that's quite a list you have there. i'm tired just reading it! :)

    if you haven't read it - i highly recommend reading The Count of Monte Cristo. One of my fave books ever.

  2. hey - thanks for stopping by!

    yes it is a bit exhausting... haha! lucky i have almost three years to get through :)

    thanks for the book recommendation - i will definitely check it out!

    see you at camp x

  3. I love your list Kellie! How did you think of them all so soon? I can't get past 30! But you have inspired me to get past my writers block. Can't wait to see how you go with these :)


  4. hey beryl... i have been working on it for a while! haha! a few mates are working on theirs as well so there has been a bit of idea sharing happening :)

    i love your list - i really need to finish my 'life list'!


  5. Wow! What a list! If you need a pen pal for #2, let me know :)


  6. oh im totally keen for a pen pal :)

    shoot me an email at and we can work it out! woohoo!

  7. when you make it to Tassie, give me a yell and we'll go to Fresh for a coffee and lounge in their retro couches on the pavement :D serious