Friday, January 6, 2012

13 in 2012

goals seem more real if you write them down. there is something about getting them out there that makes me feel a bit more accountable and a bit more motivated. i have been so inspired from reading some of the lists that are floating around out there and have decided to share mine! some are a little silly and some are serious steps toward the simple, healthy and earth-friendly life i'm looking for...

1. have a harry potter movie marathon
2. sew myself a dress
3. plant a wildflower patch
4. complete the oxfam trailwalker
5. be present
6. open an etsy shop
7. print a book of my instagram photos
8. learn to crochet a granny square
9. grow as many of our fruit and vegies as we can and buy the rest from the local farmers markets
10. use reusable bags
11. make a teepee
12. get some chickens... finally!
13. organise our outdoor space so it is both human and puppy friendly. next summer im planning on lazy outdoor dinners and lots of bbqs.
what are your goals for 2012?? leave me a link in the comments and i'll pop over and have a look!

*this list started as 12 but i kept thinking of more things to do in 2012. at one stage it got up to 15 but in the spirit of simplifying i managed to get it back down to 13 :)


  1. What a great list of goals...and many of them mirror mine...especially the chickens & be present...and tonight my hubby and I are having a Harry Potter marathon! Fun!

    I'd like to be more honest this year...with myself and with others...but do it with kindness. I also want to do a zipline despite my fear of heights...finally!



  2. Ooh, I do like your list Kel :)
    Be warned....crochet is highly addictive, once you start it is hard
    to stop!

  3. Excellent list Kel! This year I am being grateful for what I have: love, health, a roof over my head etc. Wishing you an amazing 2012 xx

  4. they all sound so wonderful, especially getting some chickens. I would love some but our yard is so small our poor dog would have to stand on his to back feet and walk haha. Lovely, lovely list ;)

  5. Succes with all the 'things to do' 12 * 15 * 13 * I have defenetly more goals for 2012.

  6. love your list!!! especially grow a wildflower patch - what fun!

  7. i too hope to crochet a granny square and make a teepee this year. in fact they were left overs from last year:) good luck with yours.

  8. What a wide and varied list...mine is a little narrowed to skills...I guess I should have though about developing my character and having fun. Must try HP marathon as well as a LoTR one. hehehe. Here's my list

    I also joined your Vintage Sheet Swap and grabbed a button linky.