Wednesday, January 4, 2012


if i could sum up 2011 in one word it would be... busy.
if i could sum up the life i want in one word it would be... simple.

see the problem? haha!

in 2011 i...
*went on a family trip to japan
*survived teaching english to year 12s
*took a few road trips
*spent time looking for the happy things in my world
*started baking my own bread
*ran two vintage sheet FQ swaps (round three will be coming in a few weeks... stay tuned!!)
*helped celebrate my best friend's engagement
*discovered and fell in love with instagram
*had some success in the vegie garden
*learned some lessons about vegie gardening
*got a thermomix and fell in love with it!
*organised my craft room (it is currently looking decidedly unorganised)
*threw a few dinner parties
*went on the trip of a lifetime to nepal
*did a LOT of thrifting and found a few treasures along the way

2011 was a full and happy year but i'm looking forward to slowing down and simplifying in 2012. check back tomorrow for some of my 2012 goals!

hope all had happy and lovely times with your family over the christmas time... looking forward to sharing 2012 with you all!

Kel xx


  1. An amazing year miss!! Thanks so much for sharing it all with us. Don't forget that it takes energy to slow down too - don't let it stress you out - just go with the flow baby!! Your a gem and we all love you! x

  2. have a happy 2012! hope it's more simple for you

  3. Happy new year! I love the list of things you did for 2011 and i hope you have the simple year you wish for this year. x

  4. Simple sounds good to me ;-)) I hope this year is a happy one for you. dee x

  5. I am with you on the appeal from busy to simple. It is something you ave reminded me to keep in my mind ~ thanks. Also love the tent you got from your hubby in the previous post, it's gorgeous. Carolx

  6. I'm with you on simplifying life in 2012! If only it was easy :) x

  7. Sounds like an amazing year - must say I am jealous of both Japan and Nepal. I haven't been to either of those countries ... hopefully one day soon.

  8. Yes you sure did have a busy 2011.
    Ohh I cant wait for the next vintage FQ swap, I better look out for a few more sheets in the next couple of weeks. x