Monday, January 23, 2012


. : finally getting around to making our living room a place that we want to spend time in

. : new job. new school. new students. new challenges. new rewards.

. : planning for an adventure in france. and hopefully another one in new york.

. : feeling like i'm growing up (note that i am not a grown-up. there is a difference.)

. : being kind to myself

. : a return to my morning green tea ritual

. : unlikely friendships

am feeling a season of change in my life. scary. yet incredibly exciting.


  1. They sound like good changes to me! Hope your new school goes well for you, green tea in the morning is so good & france AND new york - jealous!

  2. new beginnings are always great...may this change bring you nothing but happiness :)

  3. There is something in the air I think, I am feeling like I really need a change. Your list of changes sound terribly exciting, I am feeling slightly envious.

  4. The prosect of change is always a little daunting but often times leads to wonderful things.
    Enjoy getting into your new groove :)

  5. Sounds wonderful ;-)) Enjoy and embrace it all. dee x