Monday, January 23, 2012

on how to use up washi tape...

i have an obscene amount of washi tape from tripping to japan and hours spent on etsy so i decided that it was time to start using it instead of looking at sitting in a glass jar on my desk (don't worry - i still have enough for this to happen). i started with this little graduation present to a lovely lady. i grabbed an old milo tin, removed the wrapped and used washi tape to pretty it up a little bit. The result - a pretty tin full of goodies and a little less wastage!

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  1. Oh I so want to do this! I have a milo tin which needs doing that too! Also I'm seeing visions of my windowsill filled with plants in tins/cans with washi tape.

    Now what is washi tape? Is it sticky already? I must "etsy" it.

    thanks for this awesome inspiration!



  2. This is a brilliant use for washi tape...the kids have a few tins that they covered in paper but they are looking rather tatty now. I think it's time they had a makeover :)

  3. It looks really cute. I love washi tape too;) x

  4. love this. what a superb idea. the colour possibilities are endless. i was only looking at my own stash the other day wondering what to do with it all. there is only so much mini bunting to be made. xo.