Sunday, January 29, 2012

this weekend...

. : pancakes were eaten for lunch
. : two loads of washing got done and is currently hanging on furniture around our house
. : a girly craft night was had that turned into a channing tatum movie marathon night
. : another bed was added to our vegie garden
. : a few hours were spent in the vegie garden trying to control the damage done from the crazy rain we have had this past week
. : thai was eaten for dinner
. : organisation started to happen
. : the last of the tomatoes were picked and made in to last batch of pasta sauce
. : treasures were found (more tomorrow)
. : new girl was watched
. : capsicum seeds were saved
. : fat quarters for the swap were cut
. : cinnamon scrolls were made with love and eaten with gusto
. : dinner was eaten that was almost entirely made of things we had grown

...was wonderful - a lovely productive home weekend! hope your weekend has left you relaxed and prepared for the week ahead...



  1. YUM. Is the first thing that springs to mind after reading about your weekend. Kellie xx

  2. what a great weekend. very productive. (I do go a bit giddy looking at your sheets). Have a good week. x

  3. I am totally swooning over your stash of vintage sheets :)
    Sounds like a lovely weekend Kel.


  4. those vegie kebabs are my favourite!

    m x

  5. sounds so lovely. We don't have the new girl on regional tv (sad cause everyone is talking about it...)mwah!! great pictures...

  6. I love New Girl, how cute is Zooey Deschanel? I listen to her sing Sugartown on Youtube all the time when I need some perky music.

    There are some nice sheets in there!

  7. Looks and sounds like a great weekend! I made pasta sauce too - in the form from pesto from my garden.

  8. what a beautiful weekend. i adore your photos. would you be willing to share your cinnamon scroll recipe? yuuuum!!!! xx