Friday, July 31, 2009

bare feet are better...

i think life is better if you dont wear shoes :)

these were my wedding feet...


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

today i will...

*take my vitamins
*stick to the speed limit
*go to all my lectures
*see the good in people
*drink 2 litres of water
*take more photos
*not order anything else from etsy!

what will you do?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

etsy love..

i just bought these sandals from etsy

cant wait til they arrive in my mailbox :) they are coming all the way from israel... check out the store here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

oh the possibilities...

i totally love this dress - just think about the endless ways that this dress can be reinvented to suit individual styles and seasons...

check it out here

and speaking of endless looks with the one dress... i stumbled across the uniform project which is an exercise in sustainable fashion. sheena has pledged to wear one dress for one year and will reinvent her look everyday with layers and accessories! a pic of the latest outfit is posted everyday. so far the project is up to day 83. check it out... :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

hanging with the obamas

my computer is being stinkified so i havent been able to blog. or be on facebook. or spend hours lost in the whimsical land of the world wide web...

but im back and its all systems go :)

i must confess that i do enjoy a bit of barack obama. so much so that i did in fact order in 'i heart obama' shirt which flew to me all the way from the us of a. so you can imagine my delight when i discovered that there is an official white house flickr photostream. its awesome that the president is so accessible and real... ahhh. almost makes me like america!

i especially love all the family pics!

they also have a totally rad vegie patch...

i think he would be fun to hang with!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

not quite a holiday

im trying to be a good little blogger and post on a semi-regular basis. can you tell? and in the spirit of being a good blogger i thought it was appropriate to let you all (my fine followers - all 9 of you. haha) know that i will not be posting for the next week or so as i am heading out bush with 20 totally rad teens from church in the spirit of service! the plan is to run kids clubs, eat cake, clean up australia one backyard at a time, freeze our buttocks off and just generally bring joy! will have updates upon my return. im also hoping to sneak out and check out the local op shops and uncover hidden treasures :).

its certainly not the greek islands or the south of france (one day!) but im dertermined to have fun and appreciate the little things...

on an unrelated note... i want hair like this :)

p.s- attempted my first sewing project on thursday. will post about progress when i get back.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

magazine love

i spend a crazy amout of time reading all kinds of magazines so i consider myself a bit of an expert. you can imagine my delight when a friend introduced me to this brand new and totally lovely brisbane based magazine.. P E P P E R M I N T :)

its an eco fashion mag all about vintage, craft, diy, being green and gorgeous clothes. the latest issue also features an article on lisa mitchell - yay!

the only place i have been able to purchase this mag is at borders so get down to your local and have a flick through these totally rad recycled pages!