Friday, April 29, 2011

some lovely bloggers (part two)

Welcome to the second and final part of 'some lovely bloggers'.

I wanted to introduce to some of the lovely women participating in the Vintage Sheet FQ Swap... so pop on over to their blogs to visit and check out what they are creating with their new stash of vintage sheets!

Thouraya @ Amelie and Atticus

Karlyn @ Rosa's Room

Steph @ Mon Petit Poppet

Brooke @ Sentimental Scrap

Tamar @ A Collection of Thoughts

Yvette @ Look What I Made!

Jodie @ Its What We Do

Nikki @ Monsoons & Mangoes

Ali @ Alipink

It has been such a pleasure e-meeting these lovely ladies. Please do head over to visit their little space in the internet... you wont be disappointed!

to meet some other lovely bloggers head over here

p.s - hope you all had a lovely weekend! my camera charger has run away so i haven't been able to take any photos... boo!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

what i achieved...

i was listening to the radio on my way to work on wednesday morning and they were saying that because of the super long weekend everyone should have 'achieved' something. in a weekend spent predominatly at home, this got me thinking about what i acheived...

*baked a killer batch of gingerbread hearts. packaged them up and dropped some to my sister and some to this lovely lady
*remembered the ANZACS at a dawn service
*started preparing for the Vintage Sheet FQ Swap
*spent some quality time with the hubby
*found my crafting mojo again (it may have had something to do with all that gorgeous fabric around my house)
*planted vegies
*walked the dog
*got caught in the rain (that counts as an achievement right?)
*found some time to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life... just what i needed.

based on my lazy weekend... i consider myself an over achiever. it was bliss.

Monday, April 25, 2011

some pretty in my mailbox...

about a month ago (i know... im a bit behind) i received the loveliest little parcel in my mailbox! Micaela over at Dolce Vita hosted a giveaway and i was the lucky winner!!! I nearly didn't enter because i thought that there was no way i would be that lucky... :) it came right in the middle of marking season and made my whole week! As well as the goodies pictured above, there was also a fabulous mix c.d that has been on repeat in my car and a mug which has been in use since it arrived! Thank you SO much Micaela!

Micaela might just be the sweetest lady in all of blog land - you should definately pop over and visit her charming blog!

p.s - i hope you have all had a lovely easter/ANZAC day long weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

some lovely bloggers (part one)

Tomorrow is the last day that you can get your FQ's in the mail... and since tomorrow is a public holiday your last day is TODAY! If you haven't been able to get your lovely vintage sheets in the post yet then please make sure you shoot me an email to let me know. I am hoping to have them all sorted by next weekend and back in your craft rooms within two weeks... wish me luck :)!!

I thought it might be lovely for you to e-meet some of the other swappers involved in this.
so please... make yourself a coffee and head over to check out the lovely lives and loves of some very lovely women.

Laura @ kit and nancy - fabulously creative and op shopping extraordinaire

Ingrid @ lottielulu

Allana @ High Maintenance Hippy - check out her new etsy shop!

Catherine @ pencils and pins

Robyn @ SpectacularFairyWren

Rachel @ The Two Windmills

Bec @ Naughty Shorts - Bec makes the most gorgeous dresses out of vintage sheets so pop over for some inspiration!

Andi @ patchandi

Kylie @ lucy violet vintage

It will be great to see all the creations being produced in the next few months as a result of this swap. so pop over to visit, become a follower and share the love <3

I will do another post like this of some more swap participants in the next week so feel free to leave your blog address on this post so i don't forget you :)

Have a happy easter break!

kel xx

p.s - sorry to my readers who aren't involved with the FQ swap... i promise to be back to regular posting soon :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

scenes from the weekend...

hot drinks, puppy love, a floral tablecloth and fruit from the markets

Saturday, April 16, 2011

some sheets... so far

i have received about 10 parcels full of vintage sheet goodness :) it is such a lovely treat to come home to... even if i know i can't keep them all!!

here is just a sneak preview to get you excited!

remember to have your sheets in the post THIS WEEK... thanks heaps!

kel x

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

looking up and looking down

REMINDER to all those who are participating in the SHEET SWAP to get your FQ's in the post ASAP! Thanks :) I hope to have a sneak preview post up in the next few days.

*photos from a couple of weekends ago

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a little bit of love...

a few 21st presents for a lovely lady, some sheets waiting to be cut up into fat quarters and a few more books to add to my collection :)

a swap update

Hi to all my lovely readers and sheet swappers...

This is just a quick little blog post to give you an update on the sheet swap progress. As the numbers for people signed up to participate in the sheet swap has exceeded 50 i have decided to close it to anymore sign ups. apologies to any of you who were still hoping to sign up in the next few weeks. My reasons for doing this is largely so i can concentrate on doing a good job of organising and distributing the 1000+ FQ's that people will be sending in over the next few weeks rather than this getting so big that i will be unable to manage the swap effectively. You will still have until april 22 to post your fat quarters...

If you have not received an email from me and you have signed up then please leave a comment on this post with your EMAIL ADDRESS!

I am starting to receive some lovely fat quarters in the mail which is SO exciting! i will post a few pics tomorrow so you can start getting excited too...

Thanks for understanding this :)
You are all fabulous! Kellie xx

Sunday, April 3, 2011

scenes from the weekend...

puppy love and gorgeous outdoor 21st parties, complete with fairy lights, cupcakes and a photo booth :)