Tuesday, March 27, 2012


1. flannelette floral sheets
2. pretty pictures in old books
3. living like nanna did
4. toddler tops
5. lovely tins that are now full of embroidery thread organised by colour (i don't know whether it is prettier with the lid on or off)

have you found any treasures this week?

p.s - im off on year 11 camp today! see you friday xx

Sunday, March 25, 2012

finding joy.

. : year 8's who think that craft is cool

. : four school days until holidays

. : year 11 camp

. : almost here babies

. : almost here weddings

. : organic kale

. : weekend walks

. : fresh eggs (i'm convinced that the novelty will never wear off)

. : a new love for dark chocolate

. : vintage sheet crafting

. : paris planning

where are you finding joy lately?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

bridal shower crafting

...sorry for the lateness of this promise post. i have been tucked up in bed trying to sleep off what might be the flu but what is more likely exhaustion. after a visit to the accupunturist i'm starting to feel like i can complete the tasks of daily life (like going to work).

here are a few of the crafts we made at mali's bridal shower 'crafternoon tea'. i tried to keep them all fairly simple so that everyone could get involved without feeling overwhelmed.

1. garland - this one was made by me but others came up with some awesome leaf, heart and circle designs.
2. music envelopes
3. more envelopes - this station seemed to be the favourite!
4. every guest was asked to make a 'patch' that will then be put together to make a quilt for the newly married people to use in their new home. i'll keep you posted on the progress of this one :)

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post! have a happy day x

Sunday, March 18, 2012

bridal showering.

we showered the soon to be bride this weekend with a 'crafternoon tea' and in typical fashion, i look shockingly few photos. it usually happens that by the time everything is all set up and looking pretty i am too exhausted to pick up a camera. haha. so here are a few photos shot on the iphone (cos that is not as heavy as the camera - haha) and put through some pretty filters :)

i'll share my last few pictures tomorrow of some of the crafts that were created...

it was a really fun afternoon and it was awesome to hear people say how surprised they were at how fun craft could be. haha. it's funny how when you mention craft people automatically think of macaroni jewellery boxes! just for the record - there was not a piece of macaroni in sight :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

in my kitchen.

. : we are thinking more about what we eat

. : we are spending a bit more money on better quality food

. : we are wasting less

. : we are baking granola and making yoghurt

. : we are feeling better

. : we are learning

. : we are eating quinoa patties from this cookbook

. : we are enjoying the preparation

. : we are reassessing our values

. : we are eating more raw food (like this yummy brownie)

. : we are creating new favourites

. : we are adding sweet potato

these aren't huge changes for us but i'm loving the power that comes with knowledge.
it is so encouraging to see husband starting to ask questions and enjoying some of the changes that are coming in and out of our kitchen...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a sheet swap wrap up

a BIG thanks to everyone who got involved in round three of the vintage sheet FQ swap! we had the highest number of registrations to date and got a whole lot of vintage loveliness coming through my living room (at times it crossed my mind that if i moved house i might be able to keep them all - haha)! thanks so much to those of you who included lovely little cards or gifts in your parcels. it was unexpected and definitely appreciated!

i would love it if you could leave a comment on this post with the link to your own post/s about the swap so people can pop on over and see what you ended up with or what you have created with your FQ's.

at this stage, i'm not too sure when the next vintage sheet FQ swap (round four - eek) will be happening; i guess it will depend on feedback and demand so feel free to leave your ideas about this in the comments too :)

thanks again. happy crafting! Kel x

Monday, March 12, 2012


it was a happy weekend full of mountain climbing, quality time spending, scroll baking, hand sewing, assignment marking (the not so happy part), garden planting, cake making and cake eating.

i hope your weekend was happy too :)

*i promise that we didn't spend our entire weekend eating. haha. i blame kinfolk.

p.s - most of the vintage sheet FQs have been posted back. i'll be doing a full recap tomorrow!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


thrifting trips have been few and far between but here are some goodies that I have managed to pick up in the last few weeks, usually as I race into the op shop right on closing time and frantically scan the store for a glimpse of floral of johnson :)!

1. pretty vintage sheets
2. little girl dress love
3. to add to the golden book and alice collections
4. this was picked up a few weeks ago but my fabulous brother has just finished sanding and painting it ready for vintage crockery
5. fabric remnants

what have you found lately?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

some thoughts on food.

i have always loved food. i love being educated about what i eat and where it has come from. it is not umcommon for my husband to say things like 'can you make it with less seeds next time' or 'stop trying to hide lentils in my food'.

but this year we are making changes.
i cannot stop reading about the important role of food.
about how food can be helpful and healing.
about natural, clean and organic alternatives.
about learning to love seeds.
about how people around the world eat.
about juices and smoothies.
about the impact that food has on students in our schools.

don't worry. this isn't turning into a food blog - there are already so many wonderful food blogs out there. but if it's okay with you i would love to share some more recipes as i uncover them. and i would love to share some of this journey with you all.

here are some fabulous resources that have been a really great source of information and inspiration for me - 101 cookbooks, the wellness warrior, my new roots and food matters

happy eating :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012


seriously. he was amazing.

we headed off to matt corby this weekend and i have to admit it was the most excited i have been about a live gig in AGES (i may or may not have made the comment that i wanted to be close enough to the stage to smell him)! and he was fabulous. usually by the time 11pm rolls by at a concert i have had enough standing and being shoved around and am absolutely ready to go home. but last night i could have stayed and listened til at least 11.30 - hahaha (im pretty much a nanna trapped in the body of a 26 year old).

he was brilliant. seriously.

do yourself a favour and watch the clip of matty singing his latest single 'brother'. you won't regret it. seriously.

*video is obviously not from last night but sounds just as wonderful.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

around here...

around here there are a lot of pretty vintage fabrics.

around here there is a lot of organising and sorting to do.

around here there are a few woollen blankets ready for the colder nights.

around here there is time to be quiet.

around here there are a lot of early mornings.

around here we wish that there was a 'new girl' episode this week.

around here we are looking forward to school holidays, weddings and babies (only the school holidays belong to me).

around here we are inspired by all the gorgeous fabric.

have a blessed weekend.