Monday, August 30, 2010

busy, busy, busy

oh my... i am super overwhelmed at the moment and have a 'to do' list that is almost a page long! we have been in the new house for over two weeks now and i am slowly getting more and more frustrated because there are boxes everywhere and i cant find anything... grrr! i wish i was one of those people who could be moved, unpacked and organised within a week and just settle into a blissful life of craft, gardening and home cooked meals.

we are also getting into marking and reporting at school which is a little scary for me as this is my first time assessing students as a real teacher.

i promise i will be back soon with op shop finds, lovely mail, vintage clothes on ebay and a giveaway. i miss this lovely blogging land of pretty things and fabulous people. im just going to take a few days and try and get things under control...

see you later in the week xx kel

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my real life friends with blogs...

just a quick post to introduce you to two of my real life best friends who have blogs!

***this is Mali...

she is fabulous :) you can find her blog over here! she is my crafting and op shopping partner. she blogs about the joy in her life and working through her 101 things in 1001 days list!

***this is kelseys blog...

Kelsey is super rad and her blog is too. she is one of the most fabulously creative people i know and blogs about her adventures...

please pop over and say hi... both of these lovely ladies bring so much joy and colour to my life and i would love for you to e-meet them too :)

kel x

Monday, August 23, 2010

just a (very late) minute in... august

watching... big bang theory. love it! im waiting on season three to arrive in my mailbox :)

eating... homemade food. after so long without being able to cook in my own kitchen im really enjoying simple, clean homemade meals.

reading... the vampire academy series. its not life-changing but it is entertaining.

listening... to what people say. im really trying to listen more instead of just steamrolling people with my own advice and stories. being a good listener is hard and it takes practice - im slowly getting better!

excited about... school holidays coming up in less than a month. AND mockingjay coming out tomorrow!!!! woohoo!!

sorry about my lack of posts and comments on your lovely blogs over the past week. im really struggling to keep up to date with this wonderful blogging land without internet at home. boo!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my bathroon window...

foe some reason, the builders of our new place decided that having opaque glass on our bathroom windows was not necessary (???). after spending a few days showering in the dark i decided to create a temporary curtain. i collected a few of my vintage hankies from their various boxes and saftey pinned them together...

it definately doesnt completely block out the outside world but it is better than nothing and it looks so pretty :) ...i think i want to keep it!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

scenes from the weekend

baking, planting and bed making...

*the vegie garden is unfortunately not at my house (a group of us pitched in for a friends working bee)... in a few weeks time i should be organised enough to tackle the garden at our new place!!

*im working on number 46 on my 101 things to do in 1001 days list

Sunday, August 15, 2010

last week at the op shop...

on my one day off in three months, when i should have been unpacking and moving - i went op shopping! and it was fabulous!!

vintage sheets, placemats, paintings of flowers and a wonderfully quirky teapot that i plan to use as a vase. it was a great day :)

it's funny how op shopping makes everything better...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

a new house and some mail

hello friends...

sorry i have been a bit absent for the last few days. my life has been full of school, moving and (finally) some op shopping!! here in brisbane we had a public holiday this week for the annual 'ekka' (which is essentially a big carnival slash show)!

i grabbed some girlfriends and headed down to the gold coast to check out the op shops. i'll post about all my treasures a bit later.

here is some mail that landed in my letterbox this week...

a lovely parcel and note from Allana... she is fabulous! if you havent met her you can do so over here! Thanks so much Allana :)

and some lovely mail from Megan for a stationery swap. i love everything she sent and cant wait to do some serious letter writing this weekend! THANKS!!
we spent our first night in the new house last night. it is a bit of a drive to work but so lovely and peaceful out there. its such a nice place to come home to... mess and all! chris cooked us up a yummy omlette last night for dinner, it doesnt look too nice but it was made in our own kitchen which was so lovely after almost a year of living with mum! yay!

while chris cooked up some food for us... i busied myself with the really important tasks of moving - like putting up fairy lights in our bed head. haha!

have a fabulous weekend :)

p.s - i am internetless for the moment so posting might be a bit sporadic for the next few weeks. i will do my very best... xx

Sunday, August 8, 2010

scenes from the weekend...

high tea, sorting, unpacking, organising and realising just how many books i own...
p.s - also uncovered a lot of vintage goodies and clothes to sell over the next few months so stay tuned :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

this week on ebay

check out all of this loveliness and more over here!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

links and mail

i was at home sick on monday.. boo! as i made my way through the latest season of greys anatomy i also grabbed some scissors and glue and made many many envelopes for all the mail i plan to send over the next little while. they just look so pretty all sitting there in a pile :)

one of my favourite parts of the day is checking the mail - haha! i am always so hopeful when i open the lid... since i have started actually looking after my blog my mailbox had been much happier and fuller thanks to the various pen pals i have acquired, giveaways i have won and swaps i have participated in.

Here is some recent mail - a postcard from my dad who is road tripping across america!

a postcard from a swap i participated in a while ago over here
and an outgoing parcel for Megan as part of a stationery swap. i'll show you the contents once the loot has reached its destination :)
i am also popping something in the post for miss angie as a bit of a thank you for this giveaway i won over at her blog a little while ago... i'll share more once it arrives to the lovely ange!

oh mail - you make me happy!

if you are keen for more mail (and lets be honest - who isnt) there is a fabulous penpal project up and running over at oh my darling! go and register immediately!!!

...also - i just registered for this fab swap over at gracie's fabulous blog! who doesnt want to receive a parcel full of their favourite things?!?!

if you are interested in swapping mail (i can promise some fantastic envelopes - haha) shoot me an email on kellie_fm(at)hotmail(dot)com!

have a fabulous day - KEL x

Monday, August 2, 2010

at the op shop...

at my local salvos they have 'fill a bag' of books for $10. i will randomly pop in and do just that... it makes me happy :)! on friday i was there and had chosen and paid for all my books - as i was leaving i noticed a few sneaky boxes that had escaped my attention. i stoped to have a quick look through and found this treasure...

it is like the ultimate scrapbook of vintage crafts and goodies.. including awesome 80s hair :)!! i can just imagine the mama who lovingly collected and crafted these gorgeous toys!

softies, knitting, finger puppets, doll houses, kites... there is a bit of everything in here! i cant wait to find some time and get crafting :)

p.s - if any of the patterns you see here catch your eye or you would just like to have a bit of everything i would be happy to photocopy and pop them in the post for you. email me at kellie_fm(at)hotmail(dot)com if you are keen!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

scenes from the weekend

picnic joy, discovering new places to eat and a vintage fair...

extra notes about my weekend :)
1. the top photo is of my gorgeous friend kelsey (and my not so gorgeous feet)
2. that pasta was SO good that i forgot to take a photo until i had almost finished eating
3. FYI - if you are going to a vintage fair you should take more than $10 cash. i managed to score those 4 hankies in the bottom photo but could have come away with SO much more had i been more prepared!