Saturday, April 24, 2010

a backyard wedding

amy moss over at eat drink chic recently had the most gorgeous surprise backyard wedding! the guests all arrived thinking that they were coming to an engagement party and halfway through the festivities they announced they were in fact getting married. so romantic!

here are some pics of all the beautiful details...

more here. be sure to check out amy's beautiful vintage wedding dress!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

my week at the op shop

i managed to get quite a bit of op shopping done this week. im trying to stock up so that when i go on my five weeks of prac i wont feel the withdrawals too hard!!

here is the loot...
beautiful old classics
quirky fruit tea towels

gorgeous old floral sheets and pillowcases :)

also managed to find a few super cute dresses and shirts that will be up in the shop in the next week or so. and the most fabulous hot pink lace party dress that deserves its own post... so stay tuned!

happy weekend xx

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

happy tea

i picked up this fabulous little mug at the rummage sale in king george square last weekend. it makes drinking my tea in the morning such an exciting treat!

lets go to the fair

oh the whimsy of it all..

all images found here

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

in the garden

my husband and i are currently building a house out in the bush.

to clarify, neither my husband or i are actually the ones building - that would be the friendly building fairies who are hard at work while i am at work and uni. nor is it in the bush. it is however on a 1 acre block which i feel entitles me to say that we are moving to a farm :)
this excites me greatly and i am dreaming of a hammock, veggie garden, sewing room and a chook pen. i have already started planning our veggie patch which might just be the best thing ever.


bring on the farm :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

in my absence..

* i handed in a LOT of assignments

* we sold our house (and moved in with mum)

* i got a sewing machine... and used it!!

* i wrote a list (more about that later)

* i went overseas

* i started an etsy shop selling vintage clothes

* i made a new friend

* i started applying for real jobs

* i found the perfect black vintage dress

* i gave handmade gifts

* we chose colours for our new house

* i re-prioritised

* i enjoyed the simple things

i went to china was fabulous!

surprise :)

yes... im back.

i know. im a terrible terrible blogger.

but im an excellent blog reader :) and reading all these fabulous blogs has inspired me once again to tend to my poor neglected blog.

im sorry. i will try to be better.