Friday, December 24, 2010


its been too long. i know. and im sorry.

we STILL don't have internet out at our new house (its been 6 months and telstra are being VERY difficult!!).

but this complaining is not in the spirit of this lovely holiday...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my lovely followers! i so solemnly swear that i have big plans for this blog for next year and it is of the highest priority that our little house gets introduced to the world wide web ASAP!!


p.s - im heading to japan for two weeks on tuesday! can't wait! blogging will be a little light on but if you have any reccommendations of places to go then please let me know... :)

p.p.s - if i owe you mail... i havent forgotten! please expect some lovely in the mail once i get back from japan xx