Tuesday, June 8, 2010

polaroid love

i finally got around to scanning in some of the polaroid photos i have taken over the last few months. i want to take more but i havent been able to find polaroid film anywhere so each photo is precious. im currently in the process of rationing my last 8 shots... eek!

dont you think the world looks better in polaroid?


  1. those are excellent. i am in love with them. i want to scan mine onto my blogggg!

  2. i love these! i wish i had some polaroid film (i have 2 polaroid instant cameras too!)

  3. There is some film available at The Impossible Project:

  4. thanks allana - i had heard whispers of this...

    shipping is just so darn expensive - GRR! i keep hoping that my local photo store will get some in... haha! wishful thinking!!