Sunday, June 6, 2010

my reading list

one of the things have missed the most while i have been on prac is the lack of time i have had to read. over the past month i have been collecting a pile of books to read once i am on holidays (in less than 2 weeks... EEK)! here is a sneak peek...

what are you reading now? any recommendations?

p.s - i did manage to sneak in some reading time a few weekends back and can COMPLETELY recommend this book by Suzanne Collins. do yourself a favour and read it!


  1. that is the most relaxing thing in the universe. is to just sit, and read a good book.

    i can't wait for you to have a nice calm, relaxing holiday.

    ps. i love your blog. where did you get your layout? ;)

  2. thanks for the information. haha. as vague as it was, i liked it. hah
    and that's so much fun. i envy you. i work all summer long. :/

    sooo do you have a button that i could place on my little blog? i would love that. as well as i would love mine on yours! let me know! ♥

  3. Into the Wild is great! Even Jimmy read it! I'm currently reading the Princess series by Jean Sasson about the true life of a Saudi Arabian princess. Enjoy your reading :)