Wednesday, June 9, 2010

about me...

*i am three school days and one exam away from being a high school teacher

*i hate my middle name (which is fiona...yuk!)

*i dont like marshmallows in my hot chocolate

*i got married when i was 22

*most of my high school friends are having babies (eek!)

*i dont really shop in stores anymore... online all the way!

*i heart wearing new undies

*uni totally cramps my style

*im team edward

*my sister has graduated and has been working as a solicitor for the past year while i am still at uni. she is two years younger than me. sometimes it makes me feel a little inadequate

*i cant drink the last quarter of any hot beverage

*i love the word beverage

*i wear odd socks

*sometimes my days revolve around greys anatomy

*i have been saved by Jesus

have a happy day xx kellie


  1. I think Fiona is a pretty name =]
    It's not common!
    And I've been saved by Jesus too! <3


  2. I LOVE the name Fiona! It reminds me of a good way. I've also been saved by Jesus and am on team Edward. Thanks for stopping by my blog ;)

  3. you don't like fiona??
    oh goodness.
    i do.
    we could trade? mine's carin--
    which is nice, but it's not fiona.

  4. oh thanks for the middle name love ladies...
    my mum told me a few years ago that they were deciding between fiona and grace and ever since then i havent really liked fiona cos i LOVE grace!

    ...maybe its not so bad :)

    xx kel