Monday, June 14, 2010

thanks queen e...

here in australia we had the pleasure of celebrating the birth of the queen by having a day off... hip hip hooray! i packed my bags and headed down to melbourne for the annual girls weekend!! in high school there were six of us girls who were really close... we have managed to stay friends through two interstate moves, countless break-ups and break downs, six weddings and cancer. they are fantastic!

we headed out to rye for the weekend and spent our time eating chocolate, drinking coffee, watching the sixth season of sex and the city, reading magazines, going for morning nature walks and giggling!

p.s - check out that freaking enormous stingray (in the last pic) that was hiding under the pier... eek!


  1. i love girls weekends and i hate interstate moves!

  2. yes! you will get there! your hair will get there. for sure. just be good to it, and it will be good to you! ♥ no straightening, or harsh blow drying...etc. and it grows so much faster with some prenatals. good luck!