Saturday, June 5, 2010


i am selling some gorgeous vintage clothes on ebay... have a look here

isnt my sister a fabulous model!!



  1. looove your blog. it's perfect. <3

    followed you! follow me!


  2. oh!!! and i forgot to mention: YESSS tattooos are amazing! i have one myself. it hurt a bit cause i got it on my side. but it's the best thing i think i've ever done.

    i'm so in love with it! :)

    you will have to post pictures and let me know if you ever get one!


  3. Thank you! I actually made it myself, I'm glad you like it :)

  4. i have followed your blog but for some reason i dont follow under my blog name but my real name (which is kellie...)! look for me - im there :) i think your blog is rad :)!!
    would love to see pics of your tattoo... i'll keep you updated on my tattoo thoughts :)

    stephanie - i love happy lists. its actually one of the things on my 101 list!

  5. very nice! thanks for the follow. i've found you! ;)

    your blog is so lovely. it's just nice and clean. it's a breath of fresh air for sure. :) and i'm so excited for your tattoo adventures! you wont regret it!