Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a little lady...

i have had this little lady cut up and sitting in my 'to do' pile for the last 6 months. on the weekend i got a burst of energy and inspiration and finished her off in about 20 minutes... makes me wonder what else i have lurking in that pile!

p.s - dress is made from vintage fabric that was swapped in round one... if you would like to join the sheet swap for round three and make your own little lady pop over here to sign up

p.p.s - thanks for all your lovely comments on this post. it is always a bit scary sharing yourself!


  1. how sweet. love lots. xo

  2. You did such a great job on her eyelashes! Faces are hard to get right and hers looks great. She is a real cutie!

  3. Oh oh it is lovely to meet her. She is super cute!
    Does she have a name?
    I just read your gorgeous post about yourself and it is
    Lovely to meet you too!!!
    Two very special and pretty ladies.
    Love v

  4. I love her!! She's so adorable! Great work!

  5. aahhh she is lovely, cute fabrics, dee x

  6. Awww she's very cute. It's funny how you leave things and you wonder why when it doesn't long to finish them off. I have a couple of things sitting waiting for me to finish too.... x

  7. Love this sooo much!! I wanna make one too!!

  8. She is just gorgeous! i love her outfit.