Wednesday, January 25, 2012


it was recently brought to my attention that my blog has surprisingly few photos of me. this is not intentional... i guess i figure that op shops, a good book and vintage florals are more interesting than the everyday crazy that my life is made up of (and the fact that i always look horrible in photos)!

my favourite blogs are the ones where you can really get to know the person behind the blog and one of the best things that has come out of blogging has been the awesome people i have met and the sneak peeks into their lives...

so... in the spirit of new beginnings here are a few random facts about me and my world :)

*i have only had one panadol in the last 6 years! it's one of my completely stubborn and often irrational quirks where i refuse to take any painkillers but i will happily drink two cups of coffee a day (although i am trying to stop this coffee habit)
*i like words more than numbers (unless they are of the fill a bag for ONE dollar kind! haha!).
*i will almost always pull a face in photos (as evidenced by the top photo.. haha)! i justify this by arguing that i would rather look bad on purpose than try to look nice and still end up looking like some sort of stoned weirdo (ahem... like the gorgeous lady on the left of the top photo - love you mum)!
*i love feet. love them.
*i often wish that i was one of those strong, silent, graceful ladylike types. instead i am loud and obnoxious and burp really loudly!
*i have watched every episode of 'friends' at least 6 times each! season 5 is the best :)
*i feel really sad and personally insulted when i hear people say that they hate reading
*i swing wildly between wanting to cut my hair really short into a funky little pixie crop and dogged persistence to keep growing it (i have been growing it for the past 6 years... not that you would really be able to tell... haha)!
*i have an excessive amount of vintage baby clothes for someone who does not have any babies on the horizion! it often crosses my mind that i might be jinxing myself and the assumptions i make about the future status of my womb will result with an empty one!
*if i was going to be a character in a book i would want to be alice or lucy pevensie 

p.s - have a happy day off my australian friends :)
p.p.s - vintage sheet swap info and sign ups over here!


  1. your photos are great and this is a fun post. happy australia day to you too. xo

  2. Hi and big thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Each time I put a pic of me in my blog (which is not often) I feel slightly vain. What do you think>

  3. Kel, you are just gorgeous..even with the face pulling :)
    It's nice learning a little more about the person behind the blog, thanks for sharing a bit more of yourself.

  4. Kel, you so do NOT look bad in every photo. In fact, I happen to think you're beautiful! Loving you in that spotty dress! :)

  5. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for beginning to follow my blog. Pictures or no pictures of yourself on your blog, it is a lovely place to visit. I'll admit I am a whole package kind of person, except I too have been adamant about pictures of myself on my blog, that's the self conscious me.

  6. I love your reason for always pulling faces in photos! I think I need to employ the same technique. Have a happy Friday x

  7. Nice to see you Kellie! We have a few similarities - painkillers, reading, short/long hair debate & collecting vintage baby clothes (but this womb is now 'out of business', hahaha!
    Thanks for sharing these interesting facts with us x

  8. I love your post, it is a hard thing to put so much of yourself out there for the world to see. I love your black and white photos, you look just gorgeous and so much fun.

    Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


  9. you, are fabulous. oh, and beautiful.

  10. always love these posts where we get to find out more about the blog writer. nice to meet you!!

  11. Hello lovely lady! Nice to "meet" you. Thanks for sharing these tidbits about yourself, so good to know you a little bit more.

  12. LOVE reading about you and you are totally gorgeous!

    I also love blogs where I can get a glimpse into the blogger's world but I also agree that it's reeeeally hard putting oneself out there...I struggle with it every. time.

    happy to see you :)

  13. Same here, Kellie. :-(

    I always take thousands of photos without having me in the photo. I find it more better when I take photos of other things, and not me. But I am slowly starting to get some off me.

    Lovely Blog, too. I found it off your Instagram, haha.

    Miss you and love you.

    Love from your cousin, Daine. x

    I'm in class, hahaha. How cool is that? Jokes. Hehe.