Tuesday, June 12, 2012


we packed a picnic and drove.
without a plan. without a destination.
out past where we would usually go.
he found good coffee in quiet quiet book stores.
i found that if you mix soy milk with chocolate it doesn't taste too bad.
we uncovered treasure at overcrowded op shops.
we sat by the dam and drank lukewarm mediocre coffee from the thermos.
but not for too long because of the wind.
we walked for a bit.
in newly thrifted knitted beanies.
on the way home we stopped for roadside fruit and vegies.
and spoke about moving to the country.


  1. Kellie, this sounds perfect. Love the shots x

  2. What a most delightful sounding adventure you had.
    I too dream of one day moving to the country, hopefully that dream will be realised in the next few years :)

  3. Your weekend sounds like ours, yours sounds lovely. We stopped by Lake Moogerah Dam which looks like where you were too:) It is so beautiful out there in the country isn't it, so peaceful. Have a wonderful week. xx

  4. Ooh this looks wonderful! Was this at Wivenhoe and Esk? We are thinking of doing a day trip there soon xx

  5. Looks like a wonderful adventure! Love the idea of just driving without a plan or a destination, sounds so spontaeneous and fun.

  6. Hooray for adventures!

    Oh yes. I know that feeling. Every time we go to Maleny I dream of moving there. Sigh... :)

  7. Sounds perfect. And love your green jeans and knitted beanies xx

  8. Lovely post, sounds like a great idea for this weekend x x

  9. Life for you looks and sounds ideal to me ;-)) dee x

  10. what a great adventure. wish i was there! I love a soy hot chocolate. I use the Pureharvest organic nature's soy, gluten and malt free. We often talk about moving to the country, especially now that we're getting a dog soon. Suburbia is getting all too much for me, but it's where the bread is buttered for now. have a happy day. Jane x