Wednesday, June 20, 2012

weekend walking.

those of you who have been reading this blog for a while would know that over the last six months or so i have been training for the oxfam trailwalker endurance event. because of the amount of training that we have been doing, my knees have been struggling to keep up with some of the demands i was placing on them. i posted over here about a training walk that resulted in some super sore knees. my physio and i worked really hard to have both knees as ready as we could for the big event which happened this past weekend.

the good news is that my bad knee held up really well. the bad news is that my good knee decided it had had enough about six kilometres into the event.

it was a truly amazing experience and quite honestly, the hardest and most challenging thing i have ever voluntarily done in my life. it is an incredible thing to push your body to its limits and back again. unfortunately, for me, that was at the 75km mark, after 68km of walking with excruciating knee pain.

i would not have been able to make it that far without the awesome support crew that we had and the rest of our fabulous team. seriously. in the early hours of saturday morning, the boys would let me lean on them as we walked down hills and through creeks. at one stage they even offered to carry me!! who says chivalry is dead??

i was beyond disappointed that i didn't complete the full 100km. to be honest, i'm still working through that disappointment and those feelings of failure but i am really glad that i could be part of such an amazing event and help to raise money for such a worthy cause.

p.s - half of our team made it the full 100km's. how awesome are they??


  1. I think it's really awesome that you made it that far. Don't beat yourself up! Hope the knee gets better really soon.

  2. You didn't fail at all, you did something that many people would love to do. Be proud of what you did achieve because with your knee the way it is you acieved a mountain. dee xx

  3. seriously, how could anyone that walked 75km have to struggle with feelings of failure? Kellie, you are an epic SUCCESS! I know it's hard when things don't go as you planned but you sure as heck walked a whole lot further than you would have if you'd never attempted this at all!You really truly should feel pride and a sense of satisfaction.

    I've just started running not long ago (for Bridge to Brisbane 10km lol, epic hey!) and I can currently run 2km. :)

  4. wow thats awesome! 75k is far from failure. Well done to you all xx

  5. You're all awesome and incredible!! I've only had fleeting thoughts and brief conversations about doing the 100kms. It's such an unknown to go for that distance. Completely understand your disappointment, only natural that you would feel that way when you've put so much work in to reach a specific goal. I guess that's the beauty of doing it as a team, helping one another to go that bit further and celebrating all that you've done together. Seriously amazing.

    mel xo

  6. i think you are all awesome , well done! xx